Roblox hackers and scammers typically use a tactic called phishing

probably heard of Roblox at one point or another. Its a game that has garnered millions of players over the course of its life. Roblox is played worldwide every single day by up to 1-2 millions of players. The subject of today’s discussion will be one particular app (or game) that lets you feel like an 80’s hacker, while it isn’t much, it brings up an interesting look at some of the actual hacks that happen in the game every single day.

What is Roblox

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Roblox is a free-to-play browser video game that lets the user play games created by other players. You can pretty much do everything, and anything in Robux generator. I’ve seen Pizza simulations, wood chopping tycoons, racing, social games, Counter-Strike-type shooters, and all sorts of crazy concoctions of creativity, all with a few strange game modes added in there as well. The Roblox mod (or game if you want to call it that) is a simple, but entertaining one to pass the time.

Hacker Typer

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The ‘Hacker Typer‘ game basically works like this. After you go to the Roblox website and find it, and launch it, the game begins. On the screen you will see a green command prompt type screen, after you spam away, a big message saying “ACCESS GRANTED” comes up on the screen, and that’s when you’ll feel accomplished. Simple enough right? Well sadly, while this might be a game, many players tend to get hacked, or scammed when playing Roblox without being careful.

The REAL Hackers


Roblox hackers and scammers typically use a tactic called phishing, this is where they send a website that looks like an official website. Thinking its the real website, you login unsuspectingly, and just like that they have your username and password, and there’s nothing the ‘Hacker Typer’ game can do to help you. So let this be a warning, and always remember to check the URL, because maybe you might not be logging into the website you think you are